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They Grow Up So Fast!
Capture their childhood by building their life story on Peekadots. Click on a picture below to check out Peekadots features.
An image of a child dressed up like mom.

Build Your Child's Life Story
Write the day to day adventures of your children and your friend's children in Peekadots. Upload photos to go with their stories and invite your friends to join in. Each month's posts are grouped into chapters to make it easy to bring back the memories.


Stroll Through the Gallery
Your child's artwork, homework, handwriting and all their creative masterpieces can be shared and archived on their own Peekadots Gallery.


Watch Them Grow
No more marking up the walls of your house. Now you can use the Peekadots Growth Chart to keep track of how fast the children in your life grow.


Make Every Wish Come True
It's easy to keep track of what your children ask for using the Peekadots Wish List. Share the list with friends and family for birthdays, holidays and celebrations of all kinds.


Busy Busy Busy
Kids are busier than ever now. Keep track of their schedules using the Peekadots Calendar. Share it with friends and family and let everyone know who's bringing the snacks to the soccer game next week.

Video How To's
Click a picture below to check out how easy it is to use Peekadots.
A video on creating a post on Peekadots Creating a Post
A video on reading a story on Peekadots Reading a Story
A video on using the growth chart on Peekadots Using The Growth Chart
A video on using the gallery on Peekadots Using The Gallery
A video on using the calendar on Peekadots Using The Calendar
A video on using the wish list on Peekadots Using The Wish List